40 Years of CutBank

CutBank Magazine, edited by Rachel Mindell, Kate Di Nitto, Myrrah Dubey, Clint Garner, and Khaty Xiong, 2013

To help celebrate CutBank’s 40th anniversary we’ve published a unique volume containing some of the finest writing we’ve published over the last 40 years.

It’s an impressive list: Annick Smith, Chris Dombrowski, David Alan Cates, Debra Earling, Ed Skoog, Greg Pape, Jane Hirshfield, Jim Harrison, J. Robert Lennon, Judy Blunt, Karen Volkman, Kim Barnes, Kim Robert Stafford, Mông-Lan, Richard Hugo, Sandra Alcosser, and the venerable Williams, Kittredge and Stafford, among many, many others.