A Woman Possessed

her face blasted like a medieval weeper
Federico García Lorca

She remembered the charge.
A day like any other fall.
Her red shirt taunted dark shapes
in the street. The loud report
when that half-smile,
turned loose to goad the gusty animal,
stepped out to meet what waited.
She wanted to cast her body on the horns
of that forgetful season.
Black sounds hurtled from the chute.
The crowd looked on.

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Blue Dusk in Seattle Review of Books

March 13, 2016 [News]

The Seattle Review of Books featured Blue Dusk in their Lunch Date column March 7, 2016. Paul Constant wrote, “She’s thoughtful and earnest and intelligent and a little bit prickly, just like the best of our poets.” Read the entire review here.


Blue Dusk
Madeline DeFrees

Portraits of Madeline

January 5, 2016 [Photos]